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Summer 3v3 League


Games will be held on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings 
July 2- July 24

Choose grade level based on 2024-25 school year!

Cost: $30 per player 
Registration includes a 3v3 t-shirt! 
Players will play 8 games (2 games per night scheduled). Games are 20 minutes in length. There are no practices for our 3v3 league. 

Jackson Spring Kickoff Tournament Accepted Teams

Team Name Division/Age Group
Cape K Boys: Ribbing K CoEd
Cape K Boys: Labruyere K CoEd
Perryville- Robinson K CoEd
Perryville- Whistler K CoEd
Jackson K Boys- Grovenor K CoEd
Jackson K Boys- Bandermann K CoEd
MASC Mad Dawgs K CoEd
DeSoto K CoEd K CoEd
Cape K Girls: Essner K Girls
Perryville- Amschler Blast K Girls
Perryville- Blythe Green Monsters K Girls
Jackson K Girls- Miget K Girls
Perryville- Dobbelare 1/2 Grade CoEd
Perryville- Stephenson Fire 1/2 Grade CoEd
Jackson 1/2 Boys- Red 1/2 Grade CoEd
Perryville- Kell 1/2 Grade CoEd
Perryville- Strattman 1/2 Grade CoEd
Farmington Dynamo 1/2 Grade CoEd
Cape 1/2nd Boys: Cape Tigers 1/2 Grade CoEd
DeSoto 1/2 CoEd 1/2 Grade CoEd
Poplar Bluff Landsliders 1st grade boys 1/2 Grade CoEd
Jackson 1/2 Boys- Black 1/2 Grade CoEd
Perryville- Reid 1/2 Grade CoEd
MASC - 1st/2nd grade boys 1/2 Grade CoEd
Cape 1/2nd Boys Robinson 1/2 Grade CoEd
Cape 1/2nd Boys Cuba 1/2 Grade CoEd
Jackson 1/2 Girls- Reiminger 1/2 Grade Girls
Perryville- Meyr 1/2 Grade Girls
MASC Sancegraw Black 1/2 Grade Girls
Jackson 1/2 Girls- Leoni 1/2 Grade Girls
MASC Sancegraw 1/2 Grade Girls
DeSoto 1/2 Girls 1/2 Grade Girls
Cape 1st/2nd Girls Cape 1/2 Grade Girls
Cape Salas 1/2nd Girls 1/2 Grade Girls
SUFC 3/4 Grade CoEd
DeSoto 3/4 CoEd Orange 3/4 Grade CoEd
Dexter Youth Soccer 3rd/4th 3/4 Grade CoEd
Jackson 3/4 CoEd- Kearney Red 3/4 Grade CoEd
MASC 1st/2nd grade boys Black 3/4 Grade CoEd
Cape 3rd/4th Boys: Cape Tigers 3/4 Grade CoEd
Cape 3rd/4th Girls: Cape Tigers 3/4 Grade CoEd
DeSoto 3/4 CoEd Black 3/4 Grade CoEd
Jackson 3/4 CoEd- Kearney Gray 3/4 Grade CoEd
Wildfire 3/4 Grade Girls
Poplar Bluff Dynasty SC 3/4 Grade Girls
Mineral Area Legends 3/4 Grade Girls
Cape French 3/4th Girls: All 3 3/4 Grade Girls
Perryville- Nuyt 5/6 Grade CoEd
DeSoto 5/6 CoEd 5/6 Grade CoEd
Dexter Youth Soccer 5th/6th 5/6 Grade CoEd
Cape 5/6th Coed Spear 5/6 Grade CoEd
Cape 5/6th Coed Lopez 5/6 Grade CoEd
Farmington 2012 Girls 5/6 Grade Girls
Perryville- Pohlman 7/8 Grade CoEd
Dexter Youth Soccer 7th/8th 7/8 Grade CoEd
DeSoto 7/8 Grade 7/8 Grade CoEd
Cape 7/8th Salas Coed 7/8 Grade CoEd

Spring 2024 All-Stars Tournaments

April 27-28 Poplar Bluff

May 3-5  Jackson

May 10-12  Perryville

May 17-19  Cape Girardeau



If you are interested in becoming a referee, please contact Andrew at

Please sign up for text alerts to be alerted of reschedule date & other referee updates

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Text JAOSA2020 to 84483 to receive SCHEDULING & WEATHER alerts from JAOSA


Follow our page on Facebook for updates!

JAOSA Contact Info

Best way to contact us:

Go to @jacksonmosoccer on Facebook (JAOSA page)

Use the Blue "Send Message" button to send us a message.  There are several board members that monitor the page.  One of us will respond as soon as we can.  

Remember, we are volunteers, so responses might be delayed.  We do the best we can. 

Sending emails is NOT the prefered method of communication.   

Weather Policy

We will send a mass text if the fields are too wet/ unplayable.

We cannot monitor the weather at all times for storms/lightning/heat.   Coaches and parents/guardians are responsible for the children on the field.

We will mimic MSHHA guidelines:

  When thunder is heard or a cloud-to-ground lightning bolt is seen, the thunderstorm is close enough to strike your location with lightning. Suspend play and take shelter immediately.

 30-Minute Rule: Once play has been suspended, wait at least 30 minutes after the last thunder is heard or flash of lightning is witnessed prior to resuming play.

 Any subsequent thunder or lightning after the beginning of the 30-minute count, reset the clock, and another 30-minute count should begin.


Precautionary measures should be taken when the heat index is between 95 and 105 degrees.  Over 105 degree heat index indicates a significant danger level.  The National Weather Bureau, on its radio station, broadcasts an hourly heat index reading.  

Thus, if the heat index is 105 degrees, then NO practices or games will be held.  If in the precautionary zone, please consider shortening practice, or moving to a later time in the day.

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    JAOSA Inc was formed in 1987 to develop the game of Soccer in the Jackson Missouri community's youth. The primary objective of the Recreational program is to enable players to learn the game of soccer in a fun and stimulating environment. The focus is on developing their skills to help them be the best soccer players they can be.  

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    Contact JAOSA

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